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This website is dedicated to the mental health professional who aspires to be a healer of hearts, minds, and spirits rather than a proxy mover of

molecules across semi-permeable membranes.

The news, commentary, and perspectives assembled here are designed to provoke thoughtful meditation, incite lively dialogue, and encourage informed action that catalyzes a healthy evolution of the postmodern healing arts.

The Witchdoctor Speaks

A Healer's Manifesto

Articles & Links

No fluff here, brothers and sisters!

In my blog you will find Items of intrigue and interest to postmodern healers as well as a fearless critique of the mental health profession from the heart and mind of a Witchdoctor-In-Training (WDIT) who has lived at the edge of town for twenty-five years!

Recent reports in the media reveal how far our profession has strayed from Hypocrates’ timeless maxim, "Do No Harm."  I believe that nothing less

than a revolutionary overhaul of how we as mental health professionals 

practice our craft can restore the public’s trust in us as healers. A Healer's Manifesto is a set of affirmations designed to provide a fulcrum for this paradigm shift.

Here you will find links to or actual text of periodical publications that relate to the mental health profession, not only from professional journals but also from news magazines, pop culture publications, trans-disciplinary media--anything that contributes to a meaningful critique of our profession as we look at ourselves and as others look at us.

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